Who We Are

A & D Kitchen Bath Remodeling with 20 years as a contractor who offers the finnest in home remodeling, we are a company of family and friends who enjoy working together to provide you with amazing kitchen and baths. Our passion is to design and install stunning, creative and functional kitchen and baths you have always dreamed of.  We can turn your vision into reality

We do completely kitchen upgrades and remodeling of all type. From commercial to residential, to bathroom upgrades and completely remodel of any type.  Here at A & D Kitchen Bath Remodeling we also do floors 

(all types), roofing and siding, doors and windows, new or replacements.  


 All of our work is based on quality work, with a workmanship manners.  For us your satisfaction is our goal and ou reputation always preside us. We will always make sure that you will be satisfied after we finish the job.   

A little Backgroud:

Located in Virginia

 years of experience

Private and public work

Flexible with your schedule

I give an approximate time frame of the duration of our work

Call or tex for more information, or send me an info

Within our 20 years of experience I haven’t had one unsatisfied customer.

-Clean up any mess after completion of job


1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

2. Quality is my key

3. Always Punctual

4. Work done in a set time frame

5. Excellent Worksmanship manners

6. Clean and Neat Working Enviroment